Audio: The Narcissistic Continuum

Posted by Jordan, 11 Jan

When we’re looking back on a relationship that’s failed — or one that’s about to — it’s easy to label the other person in that relationship as somehow disordered on a psychiatric level. The “crazy ex” is a stereotype that’s probably been around as long as lost love itself.

But what might we discover if we examined a relationship’s failure not by playing into this stereotype, but by seeing where we ourselves fit on the narcissistic continuum — a scale that applies to all of us?

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What are you looking for?

Love Cycles: The Five Essential Stages of Lasting Love author and therapist Linda Carroll rejoins the show to help us avoid playing the blame game and better understand the factors that strain a relationship.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • After a painful breakup, have you ever casually referred to the estranged party as your "crazy ex?"
  • It's common to chalk up the strains of complex human dynamics as the results of someone else's mental disorder when we want to avoid taking personal responsibility for them -- and this is dangerous.
  • While a real narcissist is hard to find, we all land somewhere on the narcissistic continuum.
  • Learn what we can do if we think we or someone we know and love might be in a relationship with a narcissist -- or even be one.
  • Understand the difference between being a true narcissist and exhibiting narcissistic qualities.
  • And so much more...

Learn and enjoy!

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