The Mask of Masculinity

Posted by Jordan, 08 Feb

"We aren't able to fully heal until we start sharing the things we're most ashamed of, the things we're most afraid of, and the things we're most insecure about." - Lewis Howes

Society expects people to play certain roles, so when we defy these expectations, we run the risk of being shunned by society. But if we want to make progress as a society — and as individuals — shouldn’t we be examining if the roles we’re playing are just roles, or if they reflect who we truly are?

In this episode, Lewis Howes rejoins us to discuss his latest book, The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships, and Live Their Fullest Lives.

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Lewis Howes contends that successful, happy men are not confined to a cookie-cutter ideal of what men should be like. Successful, happy men are the ones who are true to themselves in spite of the ideals to which they’ve been conditioned. He rejoins us to discuss how men might identify and shed the masks they wear and help women understand if they’re seeing the masks men wear or the genuine article beneath.

The Cheat Sheet:

  • What masks do we wear when we're not being our genuine selves, and what compels us to put them on in the first place?

  • How do we know when wearing a mask is serving a purpose and when it's time to put it away?

  • Understand how bottled-up childhood trauma -- more common than many realize -- can make us wear lifelong masks that turn us into strangers with ourselves.

  • Lewis Howes shares real-life examples of what's happened to him from wearing the wrong mask at the wrong time.

  • Discover the catalytic turning point that led Lewis to find out who he really was beneath all these masks.

  • And so much more...

Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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  1.   albanopoli says:
    Posted: 12 Feb 18

    The idea sounds great but...There is a scene in the movie Analyze This" when Robert De Niro tells his shrink Billy Cristal "Doc you might think of them as unsophisticated and animals,but if they see any sign of weakness they pounce on you" , the moment they(ladies) see any sign of weakness ,they are out of the door ,same goes with the gender roles of who asks for a date,pays for it,who is on the keading role etc..

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