Interracial Dating

Shaneika & Jermaine -
Atlanta, Georgia

Interracial Dating - From 50/50 to “For Sure!” | TemptAsian - Shaneika & Jermaine Interracial Dating - From 50/50 to “For Sure!” | TemptAsian - Shaneika & Jermaine

From 50/50 to “For Sure!”

One day, Shaneika was browsing profiles on our site. It was a day like any other, and her expectations were modest. “Wasn’t really looking to find anyone,” she says now. “I was really just looking for someone to have a conversation with.” Shaneika had only been with us for about five months, and she had no illusions about love happening overnight. “I wasn’t confident at all,” she admits.

Jermaine was using the screen name “2dastars” on our site. “I had tried different sites before,” he says by way of backstory. He thought that online dating might introduce him to women he wouldn’t otherwise encounter in his day-to-day life. Jermaine adds, “I was looking to meet someone outside my city.” After two years of membership, he had eventually downgraded his chances of finding love to a coin toss. He tells us that he estimated the odds at “50/50.”

All that changed when Jermaine spotted the beguiling profile of one “Nikki295.” Shaneika! Smitten, he sent her a rose. How did she react? “I thought he was cute!” she declares. So she wrote back. “We talked on the phone and Skype,” Shaneika relates. They mixed getting to know-you stuff with some good old-fashioned flirting.

Jermaine was intrigued by her banter, but a little wary. “I thought she was cute, but mean,” he laughs. “She kept Skyping me, though.”

Jermaine and Shaneika lived relatively near each other, so an in-person date was pretty easy to set up. Would they give it a whirl? You bet. “She looked too good,” Jermaine says. He had to meet her! Shaneika says she was “excited” to introduce herself in real life.

Before they knew it, they found themselves at a restaurant for Date No. 1. Shaneika immediately felt affection for Jermaine. “I wanted to kiss him and give him a big hug,” she remembers. Jermaine had to pick his jaw up off the floor. “She was beautiful,” he marvels. “I wanted to get to know her better.”

Every first date has a few surprises, and this one was no exception. “Her sister showed up with her,” says Jermaine. It didn’t bother him, and you can never be too careful when meeting someone for the first time. He too did something Shaneika didn’t expect. “He proposed to me at Golden Corral, in front of his whole family!” exclaims Shaneika. We think Jermaine was kidding, but one thing is for certain — he was really impressed with her. Jermaine says he was “500 percent sure” he wanted them to go out again.

As they got to know each other, the pair found common ground. “We had a lot in common,” notes Jermaine. “After talking to her in person, we admitted that we both have been in some bad relationships.” Fortunately, that’s not where the similarities end. Both have the same priorities in life. “He’s very family oriented, like myself,” Shaneika says approvingly.

Now that the couple is dating, both feel fortunate to have found someone they’re so happy with. Shaneika describes Jermaine as “similar” to what she thought her type was, but better. “He makes me laugh,” she says. “I’ve never dated a guy who makes me laugh so hard! I’m always happy and stress-free when we are together. There’s no awkward moments.”

Jermaine agrees about their compatibility. He never thought he could be with someone like Shaneika. “She’s more than my type. She’s perfect,” he says. “I’m the happiest man alive!”

Jermaine tells singles on our site to stick with it and not get down on themselves. “Be patient,” he advises everyone. “That right person is just a click away…” Shaneika nods in agreement. Now she knows firsthand what online dating can accomplish. “Love is love, no matter where you find it!”

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