Interracial Couples Success Stories

  • Maree & Jay

    “The Volcano Was Just Their First Adventure”

    Maree was confident that Internet personals would produce results for her. “Online dating gives me more chances to get to know people,” she explains, “and your dating site gives more chances to get to know the people I want to. I was 100% hopeful and positive that I would find true love [here]… read more

  • Shekina Agnes & Robert Macfarlane

    “He’d Marry Her Again in a Heartbeat”

    Shekina and Robert were confident in their ability to find love online. “I tried several other dating sites, but your site’s success stories made me believe in it,” she tells us. “I had tried several too,” says Robert. Meeting on our site changed their lives, but it actually took Shekin… read more

  • Belinda & Michael

    “He Fell for Her Over Fro-Yo”

    When Belinda posted her profile on our site, she never thought she’d meet a guy like Michael. We always want to know why singles turn to the Internet after hoping for a true-love miracle to occur in their day-to-day life. Belinda says that online dating’s convenience was the big draw. “On a wh… read more

  • Lydia & Gordon

    “Two Years, No Arguments”

    “His interests were very similar to mine,” Lydia says of Gordon (“FunOne9”), whose profile stood out on our site. “I reached out first, by instant message,” she explains. At that point they had both been members for a couple of months. Reviewing her profile, Gordon thought “Beautic… read more

  • Ashley & James Moore

    “Scared to Let Her Guard Down”

    A few months into Ashley’s first online dating experience and James’s third, they found each other on our site. “I was not confident at all,” Ashley reveals about her state of mind at that moment. “I had no idea what to expect [from Internet personals].” In this particular story it wa… read more