Interracial Marriage

Ranila & Danny -
Hesperia, California, United States

Married January 2020

Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny Interracial Marriage - Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters | TemptAsian - Ranila & Danny

Her Big Hug Calmed His Jitters

Though they are now man and wife, once upon a time Ranila and Danny were nearly convinced love couldn't happen for them.

“I prayed real hard, as I was looking for a black man,” confides Ranila. “I tried so many sites that drove me crazy! I was only at your site for one week and could not believe it when I got the reply from my now husband.”

“I prayed also, and just laid it out to the Lord,” declares Danny, who is still hype about his wife. “I said, ‘Lord, this is my last chance! Please send me a Filipino lady who’s attractive, Christian, no drugs, not a party animal… And look what I got! HER!”

At the beginning of their journey though, these two weren’t confident we could help them find love. “Not at all,” Ranila admits. “This was my last resort. Otherwise, I would remain single for the rest of my life!”

Danny says we were his last resort, too. “Heck, I joined a total of five dating sites before I found yours,” he reveals. Still, just THREE DAYS after posting his profile on our site, he found Ranila’s profile. She’d only been with us a week at that point. “I made the first move by sending her a real and true message, not a Flirt,” says Danny.

What was it about Ranila’s profile that Danny found so appealing? “I find it so hard to explain, because it was just something about her,” he explains. “She only had ONE pic of herself, and that was a side head-shot. Something just triggered my soul, and I felt she was the one for me.”

They began chatting and their chemistry popped right away. “I just can’t put it in words, but when we talk my heart bursts with joy!” enthuses Ranila. “I wanted him to come and see me pretty much the day after we first talked!”

Danny was ready to make plans to meet. “I had recently been to the Philippines as a missionary working with a Baptist Church there,” he says. “I told her point blank, I will be there to visit you in November 2018 and boom... I was there!”

Ranila says they “met at the airport, then we went out for dinner.” Danny was suffering from early-date jitters. “I was scared she wouldn’t like me,” he recalls, “and I was quiet as a mouse in the taxi. When we go to our destination I told her what I was feeling… She burst out laughing, starts hugging and squeezing me! She still does that today.”

For her part, Ranila was thrilled to meet Danny face to face. “I had a grin from ear to ear,” she laughs. “I went to hug and squeeze him as he made a choking sound. We both laughed!”

Reassured by her affectionate bear-hugs, Danny settled in and enjoyed Ranila’s company. What surprised him most about their first date was “how hot it was that day in the Philippines!” Ranila didn’t expect Danny to be as buff as he was, citing his “muscles” as the biggest surprise for her. That’s actually a surprising choice for “most surprising,” considering that he made a bold move immediately... “I asked her if she’d marry me,” Danny tells us. “I wanted to marry him!” laughs Ranila.

As they got to know each other, Ranila found that Danny’s profile didn’t give her the full picture of this man. It didn’t tell her that he is “a Christian, true to his word, and how protective he is of me. He a loving and affectionate man!” Apparently Ranila’s profile didn’t convey “the fact that she wants to work out in the gym with me, or how she cooks the food I like (health food). I couldn’t believe how much of a clean and neat lady she is! Although I’m a clean person too, she wins that contest hands down!”

We asked Ranila when she knew this relationship could be special. “I asked the Lord for a sign that he was the one by praying…” she begins, “…if he put my picture on his Facebook page that would be the answer. And he did just that without knowing I asked God for that very sign.”

And what convinced Danny that Ranila was it for him? He answers this way: “Six very special words that stick with me for the rest of my life... ‘I love you’ and ‘Don’t leave me.’”

Of course, once Ranila left the Philippines for the United States there was a difficult adjustment period for her. “My getting used to being an American, and missing my family and homeland” was an obstacle to overcome, she tells us. “Getting used to all the stares and glares from the day she arrived until now” is something Danny says he’s had to deal with, too.

Despite these challenges, both singles proved to be a better partner than either had dreamt of finding. Ranila and Danny say that each other have surpassed “more than my highest expectations.” Finding love “changed my life, and the entire course of my life,” says Ranila, and Danny echoes the sentiment.

Given the steady upward trajectory of their relationship, Danny decided to put a ring on it. Ranila explains, “He simply asked me in a formal way over the phone, ‘Would you marry me?’ and I said yes!”

Here is what Ranila offers the ladies using our site in search of a romantic partner like Danny. “Well, I don’t know if people still believe in old fashioned love, but it really works,” she declares. “However, you have to be patient. If anyone agrees with the power of prayer, that’s what did it for me. It also helps if you are somewhat modest with your pictures. Yes, men are very visual, but they don’t have to see all of you right from the start. Depending on what kind of guy you want, you will be more respected if you carry yourself like a lady.”

Danny tosses out this nugget of wisdom to the fellas. “Don’t always go for the Kim Kardashian types. All that glitters is not always gold!”

Looks like he found a gem in Ranila, though. We hope you will be as fortunate soon!

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