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Dredge22 -
Georgia, United States

First Date Was Like Nothing Else

When I looked at her profile I said, "Yesss!" I immediately messaged her and she happened to be online. We instant messaged each other and we hit it off right from the start!

Our first date was hilariously memorable. We started out with a movie, the opening day for Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part I. We then went out to eat, where the service was sloppy and it was about to close. We then went back to my place and my key wouldn't unlock the deadbolt. So, I had to call a locksmith who looked like a redneck version of Santa Claus.

Anyway, every step of the way, there seemed to be a doomed obstacle and each event could have been an utter failure. However, she laughed about it, I laughed about it and from that point on we have been inseparable. I love her. Thanks!

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