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Nicole & Jon -
Hyattsville, Maryland, United States

Black Women Asian Men - Being Deaf Didn’t Deny Her Love | TemptAsian - Nicole & Jon Black Women Asian Men - Being Deaf Didn’t Deny Her Love | TemptAsian - Nicole & Jon Black Women Asian Men - Being Deaf Didn’t Deny Her Love | TemptAsian - Nicole & Jon

Being Deaf Didn’t Deny Her Love

The reason Nicole posted a profile on our site was her personality, mostly – she describes herself as “shy” and adds, “I wanted to try something different.” Her initial attitude was “unsure, but hopeful.”

What brought Jon to join us was the advice of someone he trusts. “A suggestion from my son,” he calls it. But given his natural inclinations, online dating made sense to him. “I’m not into the bar or club thing,” he explains. “I haven’t dated in some time and I wasn’t sure about finding anyone.”

A month into his membership, Jon received a Flirt from “SoulGal71.” She’d been with us a couple weeks at that point. “She winked at me first, I winked back… We started to message back and forth from there,” Jon relays.

The attraction for Nicole was physical, at first. “His profile picture sparked my interest,” she tells us. When Jon checked out Nicole’s profile, he felt the same way. “She was cute in her picture,” he reports. However, that doesn’t mean he was completely sold on their chemistry. “I wasn’t sure at first, but I was willing to be open-minded.”

“After months of chatting” the pair felt prepared to move on to a real-life date. “He suggested that he could fly out to meet for a couple of days, if I was up for it,” recounts Nicole. Jon was willing to use his vacation time to see Nicole in Arizona, where she lives. Nicole liked that plan, and so Jon booked a flight to Phoenix. “I met her at the airport and our first outing was in Tempe, to celebrate my birthday,” says Jon.

Nicole was excited to meet Jon in person, but that doesn’t mean she was stress-free. “I was very nervous,” she admits now. Her first thought upon seeing him in person was, “Wow, he is tall!” Wow was a word that came to mind for Jon too, he informs us. He remembers thinking, “Wow, she is more beautiful in person.”

But did the date go well from there? The answer is an emphatic yes. “I enjoyed every moment of our date,” declares Nicole. Jon says he “couldn’t wait for the second date.” In fact, he began planning it immediately. After this experience Nicole was “very sure” they should make that happen.

From there, a great couple came to be. Getting to know each other brought them closer together. “He is everything his profile said he was, and more,” says Nicole. Jon puts in that “learning more about her that she didn’t include in her profile” only increased his affection for her.

Nicole reveals an obstacle they’ve had to overcome: “That I’m deaf, and dating a hearing person. It’s still a challenge, but he is very supportive and I’m looking forward to the future.”

Jon reveals that he didn’t know any sign language at the time, but Nicole being hearing impaired was obviously no deal-breaker for either of them. In fact, they almost immediately felt the relationship could be special, even with them living in different states. “Over time, as we got to know each other, [our feelings] started to grow,” says Nicole.

Here’s what Jon advises singles who are new to Internet dating. “I wasn’t sure if it was possible with online dating, but anything is possible as long as you’re open and accepting. Listen and be thoughtful. When the right one shows up, you will know.”

Nicole tells ladies, “Take your time. He’s out there!”

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