Asian Women Black Men

Maree & Jay -
Manila, Manila, Philippines

Engaged August 2019

Asian Women Black Men - The Volcano Was Just Their First Adventure | TemptAsian - Maree & Jay Asian Women Black Men - The Volcano Was Just Their First Adventure | TemptAsian - Maree & Jay Asian Women Black Men - The Volcano Was Just Their First Adventure | TemptAsian - Maree & Jay

The Volcano Was Just Their First Adventure

Maree was confident that Internet personals would produce results for her. “Online dating gives me more chances to get to know people,” she explains, “and your dating site gives more chances to get to know the people I want to. I was 100% hopeful and positive that I would find true love [here].”

Jay followed his own path to our site, but he wasn’t as certain it would work. “This was not the first site I tried,” he admits. “I just wanted to try something different. I was open to something new, but I did have my concerns with online interaction.”

After six months of membership, Jay noticed the profile of a new member: Maree. Was she his type? “Right on the money,” he laughs. Jay decided to send her a Flirt. “I reached out first,” he informs us. “She seemed naturally attractive and I immediately felt chemistry when reading her profile and looking at her photos.”

After getting the Flirt, naturally Maree had a look at Jay’s profile. She felt a pull towards him that prompted her to respond. “His demeanor seemed genuine, and I liked his smile,” Maree recalls.

Eventually these two would meet in the flesh, but they took it really slow during the all-important getting-to-know-you process. “After a few years of video chats, talking on the phone, and emails, we wanted to take things to the next level,” Jay reveals. As Maree puts it, “He gained my trust and confidence – THAT made me want to see him in person.”

Jay booked a flight to visit his new love in real life, telling us they “met in her country.” It’s not like they waited years for no good reason – distance was a big impediment to their progress as a couple. Maree has a vivid recollection of their first moments together. “I picked him up at the airport,” she remembers. “I was so excited to see him. He looked so handsome!”

Jay was thrilled to see Maree, as well. “I was ecstatic [to meet in person], and glad that she looked like her profile pics, and her personality was very accurate based on our online chats and emails.” He also gives us an idea what experiences they shared, saying, “We went hiking on a live volcano, toured a few cities.” Maree adds, “We love doing outdoor activities!”

Jay says he was surprised “that we always stayed close, always holding hands.” He also noticed that “she was always smiling.” Their level of physical comfort together was high, perhaps because they’d been interacting for so long before being in the same room. “I love his touches,” says Maree. “I am so comfortable with him! He touches my heart and soul.”

After their idyllic adventure both singles were “positive” they should go out again. They found many qualities about the other that their dating profiles hadn’t captured. “Her very genuine personality, even more so in person,” was a pleasant surprise to Jay. “He’s a gentleman,” reflects Maree. “He loves to share his wisdom with me.”

While their connection was easy, beginning a relationship was not. “Long distance, different time zones, schedules, citizenship” were the barriers separating them, at first. But eventually they became committed to overcoming these obstacles. Maree remembers being “at home, watching TV” when she realized she would move heaven and earth to be with Jay. “I was walking in the park and felt it to be official” is his version of that moment of epiphany.

After these milestones were reached it was time to move forward, as a couple. “I proposed online and mailed the engagement ring after my two-week visit,” Jay tells us.

Meeting Maree has changed the way Jay looks at life. “I see the flowers and hear the music a little differently,” he says of his new, more romantic perspective. Maree has changed, too. “I am soooo full of joy!” she pronounces.

“Be honest and true,” Maree advises all the singles out there. Jay’s suggestion is similar. “Be straightforward, don’t lie, be honest in what you are you seeking.”

For Maree and Jay, the seeking is done and they’re on to the next happy phase of their lives.

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