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Christina & GIovanni -
Newark, Delaware, United States

Asian Men White Women - These Two Can Really Jam | TemptAsian - Christina & GIovanni Asian Men White Women - These Two Can Really Jam | TemptAsian - Christina & GIovanni Asian Men White Women - These Two Can Really Jam | TemptAsian - Christina & GIovanni

These Two Can Really Jam

“I wanted to meet someone outside of my race,” Christina says of her decision to join our site. Giovanni, the man she met, was especially attracted to women of mixed race. A week or two after posting a profile on our site, he heard from Christina for the first time. “Christina reached out to me first, through the message system on the site,” he tells us. She liked the fact that Giovanni plays the ukulele. Christina plays the guitar. Intrigued by this musical connection, he responded to her. “She looked genuine to me,” he explains.

So they started chatting. That went well… “He was different from all the other guys I’ve ever talked to,” Christina recalls. Their immediate chemistry led them to make real-world plans. For Giovanni, it wasn’t as easy as crossing the street. “I drove two hours to see her, and waited another hour until her shift ended,” he notes. “Then we went to eat at a small restaurant and watched a movie.”

“I was happy to see him,” Christina says of their initial moments together. Giovanni was delighted to find her face matched her profile pic. “I thought she was a catfish, but she wasn’t,” he laughs now. “I was happy, of course. She was really kind and nice.”

This wasn’t just another day for Christina, either. “We dated on my birthday,” she reveals. “I never got to eat my birthday cake on my birthday, due to timing, but he brought a cake on our first date, remembering what I said. He also brought a gift bag full of things.”

That made a big impression on Christina, giving her faith that they would (and should) meet again. “I knew it after that night,” she declares. “I invited him to my birthday party. He brought my mom a flower, for raising me. Who does that!?”

This gesture went a long way with Christina, but it turns out Giovanni was as convinced as she was that this was only the beginning. “I knew [we’d meet again] because she was an amazing woman with an awesome personality,” he says. “I’d never met anyone who loved me back for who I am.”

All that said, it wasn’t quite “Happily forever after” time just yet. “My sister is really strict with guys, so that was a bit difficult,” Christina reveals. Giovanni confirms that the sister’s standards were an obstacle, along with the geographical distance separating them. “I had to drive close to two hours to see her,” he reminds us. “However, it was worth it!” His lady-friend agrees. “From the first date, I realized this relationship was special.”

Christina considers herself very fortunate to have met a man like Giovanni. “I was always taken advantage of by other guys, but he made me feel like I am worth a lot.” For his part, her fella feels like he has a new lease on life. “After meeting her, I enjoy waking up in the morning, living, and breathing more than ever before.”

Christina wants everyone on our site to know that this can happen to you, too. “There are many people out there,” she observes. “Some will hurt you, but don’t give up on hope. You’ll find someone!”

Here are Giovanni’s thoughts on the subject. “Love is like a snowflake; when you put your hands out to touch it, it’ll melt away. However, if you wait until that snow piles up to grab it, it’ll stay there for a very long time, possibly forever. Wait, then you’ll find someone special who will make you feel true love.”

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