Was it love at first sight? Is that possible?

Posted by Leticia, 21 Feb

Ah, love at first sight. It’s the driving force behind any number of movies, TV shows, romance novels, and even reality TV series. And it’s not hard to understand why; even if you aren’t a die-hard romantic, there’s something special about the idea that you can actually fall in love at first sight. In fact, we’re pretty sure nearly everyone has a story of a friend or family member who knew it was meant to be right from the very beginning.

What exactly is love at first sight?

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The concept and idea behind love at first sight seems pretty self-explanatory but there’s still that logical part of your brain that’s wondering, what’s really at play here? Is it actual love, infatuation or just lust? Was this moment always fated to be or is your imagination running wild?

The bitter truth of the situation is that it’s more infatuation than real love. Think about it, what is love? Real love is a three-dimensional concept. It’s not just meeting eyes and feeling a spark but rather beyond attraction to the deeper aspects of relationships like what type of person they are, the experiences and the history you two share. It’s about the gradual development of trust and intimacy between two people as you begin to share more of your lives with each other. And most crucially, it’s about a deeper notion of compatibility. Love is something that’s built.

Love at first sight can still feel pretty intoxicating and difficult to resist. And who’s not to say that all of those ingredients aren’t already in place when you two feel that deeply fatalistic connection when you first see each other? Just try to be cautious in your expectations so you’re not disappointed, still maintain a healthy pace and boundaries in your dating process and try to stay present in the relationship rather than some idealized version of it.

5 Signs you’ve fallen in love at first sight

Now that we’ve answered the most important question – does love at first sight exist? – it’s time to talk about what love at first sight looks like in real life. There are some signs, both physical and emotional, and often very obvious ones. A few you should keep an eye out for:

1. Your Body Reacts

It’s not just your brain that kicks into high gear when you meet someone special – sweaty palms, a racing heart, the feeling of butterflies in your stomach – all of these are signs you might have fallen in love at first sight.

2. You Want To Know Everything About Them

Sure, physical attraction is a big part of this kind of love. But that doesn’t mean there’s not an emotional component as well. You don’t just want to be with them, you want to know them. Their histories, their childhoods, their likes and dislikes. No matter how small or insignificant the detail, if it’s about them, you’re eager for any and every scrap of information you can lay your hands on.

3. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

Regardless of where you are or who you’re with, the object of your affection keeps popping into your mind. Watching a movie? You wonder what they’d think of the plot. Out for a run? You imagine the two of you working out together. Even something as mundane as getting the groceries is enough to trigger dreams of true love in the produce aisle.

4. You Feel Like You’ve Know Each Other a Long Time

A funny thing happens when you fall in love at first sight – the other person feels much more familiar to you than they might otherwise. Part of why is that your brain consciously and subconsciously looks to find points of commonality, whether it’s a favorite actor or a similar life philosophy. Opposites may attract in the movies, but when it comes to real life, we unconsciously look for partners we’re in sync with, whether in big things or small.

5. It Feels Like There’s Nobody Else in the World

Brad Pitt or Taylor Swift might be right next to you and wanting to chat, but they might as well not exist if the object of your affection is also around. Because when it’s love at first sight, you’re so focused on the other person you don’t actually register anything – or anyone – else.

Love at First Sight is Just the Beginning

A great one, to be sure, but even after the foundation stone is laid, there’s still the rest of the house to be built. Whether or not you believe in love at first sight (or text), our platform is a great place to find someone to find a lasting connection with.

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    It's possible to have that intense feeling over someone you just met but is it love doubt because love grows with time.

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