5 alternative Valentines dates

Posted by Ando, 19 Jan

It’s Valentine’s day again. You are probably wondering ‘how can I make it more special than the last’... Or it's your first and Valentine's together and you really want to wow him or her. You may be in distress about how you can make it different and yet still special for that new partner you love. Your heart may be nervously excited about all this. Everyone’s idea of Valentine’s day is different, and if you’re jostling to come up with ways of how to experience it with your loved one, there are alternative Valentine's Day ideas to make the day as memorable as you want.

Obviously, you don't want to get stuck in a cable TV movie or a takeout run as most people do — or, even worse, end up with an overpriced and routine dinner (privately or with the company you don’t even like). That is where these 5 ideas come in. It doesn't matter whether you're single, coupled, somewhere in between, or just looking for a fun Valentines-Day activity.

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A cliché-free Valentine's Day is what you need. Every day needs to be a day of love anyway, that is if you are really in love. Walking the dog, jogging together, shopping together, and even that glass of wine every other day together counts for the love you express to one another. Let’s make Valentine’s Day simple and fun here. Here is what we have in mind...

Alternatives to Valentine's Day

The Private Bonfire

If you live in the suburbs and have a backyard, light up the grill, grab some marshmallows, cracker sandwiches, or anything you can roast on the grill. Cook a meal for you and your partner that you can enjoy in the comfort of the backyard — no planning or grocery shopping, just what you have at hand. Re-live the younger days. This kind of bonding session will help you two open up to each other and it's the perfect way to kick off a cozy evening around the fire. It is deceptively simple but you will be surprised how much there is to learn about each other and lead to deeper connections and stories. Dance to some music around the fire, sing your favorite song, tell jokes while making food over the fire with tin cans or aluminum foil... then spend the night cuddling up by the fire.

Play Video Games

Most video games are designed to be enjoyed with a friend. This is one of the unconventional Valentine's Day ideas we have in mind. One of the most beautiful things about two opposites coming together is sharing a hobby together! Stay at home! Go head-to-head on a play-together game on your favorite video gaming console. Even if it’s all about nostalgia, challenge your date to a round of some good and fun video games. Many classic video games are known to improve relationships, communication, and problem-solving skills. Sharing this digital hobby together can build relationship skills, and will ultimately strengthen the bond! Don’t forget a bag of chips at hand or your favorite take-out if necessary. Or cook something.

Do some cooking together

There is an article that I once read that says "Kissing don't last. Cooking do". The thing it was emphasizing was building kitchen love. That is the reason why cooking together made it on our alternative Valentine's Day ideas.

Make this a challenge by trying to replicate that delicious meal you had in a restaurant together.No one will judge you if it doesn’t turn out as expected. It will be something to laugh about with your partner. Anyway, if you are interested in perfecting your culinary techniques, a specialty online cooking session with your partner, would still be an engaging way to spend your Valentine’s day. Or better yet… Create and print out a little room service menu that has all your loved one's favorite indulgent foods on it. It need not be fancy. It can be as simple as a breakfast menu with a selection of spreads and enjoy the joy of being spoilt! If you feel the need to leave that comfort zone, a pub crawl isn’t a bad idea after a disastrous cooking date. It will be a fun activity all the same.

Binge TV and the duvet

If you forgot to make that dinner reservation in time and are desperately looking for late Valentine's Day ideas, then this is it! Sometimes, the best Valentine's plans are no plans at all. Have a cinema night at the comfort of your convenience. This is one of the perfect Valentine's experiences within the confines of your comfort zone. A movie, series marathon, or a quick flick will do just fine. Personally, I would go for a marathon. Have some personal time with your partner. Yes, spend all day (or as much as you can) in bed or do a bottomless boozy night and have breakfast in pajamas the next morning and enjoy it under the covers as you snuggle the day away. You could also go to your perfect garden or park with your laptop (remember to charge it beforehand) for a good flick. Remember this is not a picnic… You could throw in just a bottle(s) of wine as you enjoy your laptop movie moment.

There is always an alternative day

The other one of the non traditional valentine's day ideas we could come up with is this one. The thought behind it is that Valentine’s Day is just another day after all. It is the 14th of February anyway, always has been every year. It never goes away. Instead of celebrating along with everyone else, you can choose your own Valentine’s Day on a date that means something to you or even one that's completely random. Can you imagine the surprise on your partner when you walk in with a bouquet of flowers and chocolate on a random day in June screaming "Happy Valentine's Day!!!". You will even be able to take advantage of better discounts that aren't available on Valentine's Day that's for sure. Also, a post or pre-Valentine’s Day can be a perfect time to do the one thing you've always been putting off at a budget. It is always satisfying to tick something off that list!

Nevertheless, if you’re not in a relationship or your partner is away the above alternative Valentine's Day ideas can be enjoyed solo considering self-love is the best form of love that can open up extensive possibilities of future love for next year's Valentine's Day!

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