Do You Actually Know How To Kiss?

Posted by Liam, 21 Sep

Kissing is a way that people communicate affection to one another. It means different things for different people. Families kiss to express their love for one another, friends often kiss too. Some people even kiss to greet people when they meet the socially. For most though, kissing is an intimate and sensual expression between two people who have romantic feelings towards each other and that’s the kind of kissing I’ll be discussing here.

The beginner's kiss

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Most people experience their first romantic kiss when they are adolescents or teenagers. A first kiss can be as exciting and exhilarating as it can be embarrassing and unpleasant. That’s because beginner kissers just don’t know what they are doing. They may try to copy kisses they’ve seen between older teenagers or adults or even kisses they’ve seen on television. What we all hope for is that the person we are kissing wants to kiss us again. Unfortunately, just the opposite happens sometimes and the kiss leaves both people feeling uncomfortable.

What kisses should be...

There are things that kisses should be and things they shouldn’t be. Kisses should involve fresh breath and good dental hygiene. They should come from soft lips. Kisses should start gently and build up in passion, naturally. They should be welcome and invited. Kisses should be intimate and fun. Kisses should be relaxed.

Avoid kissing someone straight after eating a meal, especially a kiss that leaves your breath stinking. Brush your teeth or carry some mints. Kisses should not come from chapped or cracked lips. Use lip balm and take care of your lips to keep them utterly kissable. Kisses should never be forced or aggressive. Make sure that your kissing partner actually wants to be kissed. Kisses should not be wet or leave you or your kissing partner feeling like you’ve just been slimed.

Kisses should not be a public spectacle. No one wants to see that except at a wedding, on New Year’s Eve or under the mistletoe. Find somewhere private and comfortable. Kissing should not be stressful or nerve-wracking. Wait until the moment is right. You may be a little nervous at first, but that will wear off quickly.

Sensual kissing

Once you have the basics, you’ll probably naturally move into more sensual forms of kissing with your partner. These involve opening your mouth and gently teasing and exploring their mouth with your tongue. Try to be feather light with your tongue at first. Just cramming it into someone’s mouth is probably going to be the quickest way to end a kiss badly.

As your kissing becomes more intense, don’t let your teeth get in the way. Gentle nibbling of lips is fine, but clacking teeth together or rubbing their mouth with your teeth is not romantic at all and can be quite unpleasant. The same goes for sucking. Gentle sucking on a tongue or on lips is lovely and sweet, but sucking it so hard it hurts is not sweet at all.

Not just the mouth

Remember as well that kissing doesn’t need to be confined to the mouth. In fact, there are so many very sensitive places on bodies that enjoy kisses as much, if not more, than lips do. These are known as erogenous zones and definitely should not be forgotten about when kissing. So, explore your kissing partner by kissing them gently on the neck, behind the ears and even on their arms and legs. Of course, depending on your relationship, the kissing may even find its way to more intimate and private areas once you get to know each other.

Kissing is a wonderful way to build a close and romantic relationship with someone else. Make sure that your first kiss is a great one that your partner won’t forget. Keep it honest, gentle, sensitive and don’t rush it so you’ll be guaranteed that they’ll come back for more.

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  1.   aujus says:
    Posted: 23 Sep 18

    Wow, I left a comment critical but NOT personal of the column's writer. As someone who's been an editorial page editor at a newspaper before, you don't delete non-offensive opinions -- you let your readers reply/correct or do it yourself.

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  2.   nawen says:
    Posted: 22 Sep 18

    Yes I know how to kiss kiss and it's my favorite game And am addicted to it

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