Things to do in Boston on Valentine's

Posted by Liam, 12 Jan

What is this day of romance without a romantic dinner out? But are there other things to do in Boston for Valentine's Day 2022?

Well, dinner has always been the easiest option for most people. I always see how those people who don’t plan ahead sweat as they try to get reservations last minute.

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What are you looking for?

Did you do the romantic dinner date last Valentine’s Day? One thing we have to appreciate about Boston is that it has a lot to offer you and your special someone that will for sure make that special someone feel even more special.

We are not saying that your plan for a romantic dinner at a romantic restaurant is a bad idea. No. It is perfect. That said though, there are lots of other themed events you can check out that can really make your partner get wowed by your creative side – especially if this is your first Valentine’s day together. And if you have been having a romantic dinner at the same favorite restaurant every year, now is your time to shine by showing him or her that you put some thought into it.

5 spicy things to do in Boston for Valentine's Day

Visit Martha’s Vineyard Day trip

Now this one you better prepare for because based on what people who have experienced it say, this 12-hour trip will for sure top most Valentine's dinner Boston 2022 spots. It has garnered the reputation of an award-winning romantic trip for couples in love. How you get there is also romantic. From Boston, you and your loved will board an air-conditioned Mini Coach to Cape Cod. Then guess how you get to Martha’s Vineyard? On a cruise!

Go on a romantic sunset cruise

Imagine you, the person you treasure most gliding over the waters, arms around each other as you watch the sun slowly set in an array of colors!

One of the sunset cruises to consider is one aboard a historic tall ship at the Boston Harbor. You and your special someone can enjoy the views of the beautiful Boston architecture and landmarks like the Charlestown Navy Yard, Fort Independence, East Boston from the best vantage point. Enjoy snacks and beverages while at or just sit there and enjoy the romantic ride together

Get spooked on a night tour of Boston

Looking for more things to do in Boston for Valentine's Day after your romantic day events are over… something to give you that rush that will make him or her jump into your for a cuddle? Well, this could be the weird yet romantic night-time under the skylights thing to do – taking a ride on the Boston’s Ghosts and Gravestones Night-Time Trolley of the Doomed for some “frightseeing” as they call it. Well, get ready to roam around haunted streets and cemeteries and uncover the city’s spookiest spots! The romantic bit of it is that the spookier it gets, the closer and tighter you will hold each other.

Grab a Papa Gino's heart-shaped pizza

Can you really show me a person who doesn’t love pizza? What Papa Gino’s is trying to tell us is that the key to a person’s heart is a heart-shaped pizza. Well, what makes Papa Gino's heart-shaped pizza the perfect pick for Valentine’s day, besides the fact that they are cooked into a heart shape is that they are cheesy, saucy, and versatile. These heart-shaped saucy-cheesy fellas are fast replacing the boxes of chocolates as the signature of February love.

So, if you and your special someone have no proper Valentine's dinner plans, then order one of these lovely pizzas – that is if you will really be willing to share one pizza heart together, and have a hearty Valentine’s Day. (I’d order two… share one heart first and then the next).

Last but not least, I am going to share with you one of the things to do in Boston for Valentine's Day 2022 that is on my list…

Butterfly watching

What says love better than those butterflies in the stomach. I am sure that fluttery feeling is what made you realize that you are really into this person that you are researching these Valentine’s Days plans for, am I right? Well, to celebrate that butterfly feeling you used to feel every time you laid your eyes on your one and only, why not try out the Butterfly Palace in Westford. This is your chance to Stroll through the 3,100-square-foot garden, reminisce about those good old butterfly days (if you have been together for long), or enjoy your fresh butterflies in your stomach if you are a new couple in the presence of the dozens of butterfly species housed there. By the time you are done, you will be feeling like those butterflies are literally in your stomach.

Oh! What a feeling to be in love! Well, whether you go for the above, come up with more creative plans or even go to that favorite romantic restaurant for dinner,  whatever you choose to do, all that matters is that both of feel and radiate the love that you have for one another.

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