How to wish your partner to have a good night

Posted by Akila, 08 Jun

How is the best way to wish your loved one to have a good night? Is it sending love messages? Should you send them some raunchy message to get them all wild and thinking about the things he or she will do to you the next time you meet? Well, however you choose to do it, its the thought that counts. Every once in a while, all relationships need some spicing up. Whatever message you send, put some thought into it. Let your message be powerful enough to have them dreaming about you all night. You should be aiming for an unforgettable message. Let your message show how much you are thinking about them and that you are falling in love.

So how should you do it? Read on for some ideas we have for you...

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Good night quotes for your loved one...

Now, it might seem simple but something as small as goodnight love message could all the spice that your relationship needs to make it lively. Man or woman, everyone wants to know that the person they are in love with also cares and loves them back. Everyone deserves to be shown that you are constantly trying to win them over.  And all it takes is some loving messages to show them how much you appreciate them. If you don't normally do it, try slipping your loved one a goodnight message every now and then and see how they will treat you the next time you meet. No matter how random, she or he will appreciate that pleasant surprise.

Normally, women are the more emotional beings. So they find it easier to send goodnight love messages. But when a man does it, it surely leaves a mark. It makes the relationship stronger and spicier. So try it once in awhile. Stop being that bland boyfriend. Showing a woman how much you love her doesn't make you weak. It means that you are man enough to show your emotions. Believe me, a simple goodnight my love message strengthens relationships. Well, here are some suggestions...

Good night messages for him

Now, we want your husband, boyfriend or the dude you are crushing over to know that you care about them. You want them to know that you are thinking about them and you can't wait to be with them again. Now, not everyone is born with the romantic gene. But this doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to show your dude how much he means to do. That is why we are bringing you some sweet good night quotes to get you started. Pick one and send the love of your life...

  • Much as the stars might be shining bright, always know that you are my brightest one. Good night my love.
  • My love, even if we are not together right now, you are in my thoughts and you will always be in my heart.
  • Just knowing that I have you is all I need to have the best dreams ever.
  • As I drift off to sleep, I am glad that you are the last thought in my mind. Can't wait to be with you again.
  • I love you now, I will love you in my sleep, and I always will.
  • You are the reason that I smile in my sleep.
  • I am the luckiest woman in the world because I have you. I am sure all the other girls are jealous of me. Can't wait to show you just how lucky I am...
  • I don't know how my life would be without you. I am so blessed. I love you, darling!
  • I wish you were lying here by my side.
  • My world is brighter because of the love you have for me. It will be brighter when I see you again...

The thing with telling someone you love to have a good night is that it doesn't really have to be poetic. What really matters is that you let your man know that you were the last thing on their mind as you were drifting away... Before you sleep always remember to send romantic good night messages.

Good night messages for girlfriend

A love message can be something as simple as telling your girl "I love you". You don't need to be like Shakespeare to make a girl feel loved. Well, if you are not the romantic kind, here are some ideas that will make your girl have a good night...

  • Goodnight my love
  • Goodnight to the queen of my heart
  • We might be apart tonight, but always know that the love I have for you will always be with you.
  • Every day I love you makes me sleep better
  • I am jealous of the night because its always with you

See, a goodnight love message can be anything. Let's hope that the above good night SMS for lovers serve as a guide to sending the person you love good night quotes.

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