Glad They Played the Percentages

Posted by Leticia, 29 Dec

What was it about Kelvin that inspired Chidinma to reply to his message on our site? “His long nose,” she tells us. Wow, that’s a new one! But she liked it, despite the fact he only seemed like “20 percent” her type. For Kelvin, it was Chidinma’s “calmness” in her photos that compelled him to reach out. She just had a way about her that he found intriguing…

Both singles were new to the online dating scene when they signed up with us, and both lived in Nigeria (Abuja and Lagos). Neither were sold on the efficacy of Internet singles, as Chidinma put her odds of success at 10 percent and Kelvin thought he had less than a fifty-fifty chance of finding love.

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Five months into his membership, Kelvin found Chidinma’s profile. It was just two weeks old at that point! Their communication from then on was frequent, lengthy and revealing. Chidinma says they “had practically talked about everything” by the time this duo booked a date. “I knew 70 percent about her already,” laughs Kelvin.

So they were ready to meet! Chidinma remembers having a hunch when she met Kelvin face to face for the first time. “I had the feeling that this was it,” she says of her odd certainty that she’d met her match. Kelvin nods enthusiastically. “I was convinced that it was the end of my search!”

That rare connection continued in their conversation. “It was like we were already married,” marvels Kelvin. Chidinma nods. “It felt like we had known each other for years.”

Despite this, there was still a sliver of doubt for both singles. They admit they felt the odds of a second date were “90 percent” and “95 percent” respectively, though perhaps that uncertainty was limited to the other person’s feelings, which couldn’t be known then.

Either way, they DID meet again, and their relationship took off from there. “He is godly and has a heart of gold,” says Chidinma. “She is a mother figure,” says Kelvin.

Asked if the couple faced any difficulties in moving forward with the relationship, Chidinma declares, “He travels a lot…” Kelvin’s simple answer to that question is “Relocation.” One day he was working and began reflecting on how special his relationship with Chidinma had become. That’s when he knew he needed to marry this woman. “There was no proposal, we just started making marriage plans,” Chidinma tells us.

Has finding love changed their lives? “Positively!” exclaims Chidinma. “I feel like an 18-year-old!” Kelvin says their relationship has brought “a new meaning” to his life.

Here’s what Chidinma wants singles to know, based on her Internet dating experience. “Be open minded, and be observant,” she advises our readers. “Listen to your inner mind!”

Kelvin is very confident that members will meet someone special on our site. “Yes, yes, yes, love exists in here,” he says, adding, “Be truthful!”

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  1.   Tanandsexy says:
    Posted: 17 Aug 21

    So very happy for you both. This is the very special bond i would like to have with that special someone. Congratulations.

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