Where the Social Leap Lands

Posted by Jordan, 21 Mar

Even when you are a human being, trying to explain why you do the things you do can be a bit of a mind-bender. Do you work hard toward elusive goals only to be thwarted by happiness when every metric tells you you’ve succeeded? Do you wish your friends well, but secretly wince with jealousy if they manage to do too well? Have you stepped into the role of boss or parent only to discover with shock that your behavior matches that of bosses and parents you’ve complained about in the past? What makes us such anxiety-driven, contradictory creatures who seemingly sabotage our own chance for joy at every opportunity?

To get to the bottom of these perplexing questions, University of Queensland psychology professor Bill von Hippel joins us to discuss his book "The Social Leap: The New Evolutionary Science of Who We Are, Where We Come From, and What Makes Us Happy". Here, we’ll take a peek at how some of our most maddening behavioral quirks evolved along with us as survival mechanisms that helped our ancestors descend from the safety of the treetops and brave the predator-heavy savannahs to build a world in our flawed but familiar image.

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