How to avoid self-obsession in this selfie age

Posted by Jordan, 16 Mar

Are human beings wired to be self-obsessed or is it something we pick up along the way due to constant exposure to media darlings of the moment, backed by the constant need to compare ourselves against them?

Whether we like it or not, we care about what people think about us. And we like to look like the successful, charismatic and powerful people we see on TV, hoping that others will see us that way. We love playing the leading role in our own stories (we have several of them for different audiences) and when our fictionalized sense of self clashes with reality, we get totally disoriented.

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Joining us today to delve into all this self-obsession is the award-winning investigative journalist, Will Storr, who is also the author of Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed and What It’s Doing to Us. He helps us look into the origins of this phenomenon, its consequences and how to address it.

He touches on how we have different selves for different stories and people saying: “We have a self for work and a self for home, a self for lonely restaurants and a self for roadside diners; a self for Twitter and a self for Facebook, a self for the plumber and a self for the mayor…” Is this constant need for external validation wired in our human DNA?

Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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