Found My Lover And Best Friend

Posted by Leticia, 19 Nov

Leysa joined this site in 2014 and never returned since the day she signed up until 2016. She joined the site because New York is a big place but someone always knows someone else. "I was not only looking for something different but someone who I could exercise my communication skills with", she says. This was her first time trying online dating. It was Gary's first time too. All he wanted was to find love. But just like most first-timers, they had no confidence that online dating would work for them.

"Before I met him, I had been single for years. There were many sleepless nights I'd stay up overthinking about life and if I would ever find someone who wanted to equally commit to a relationship", says Leysa. She had been a member of the site for 2 years but had only visited twice.

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Gary reached out to Leysa with a message that said "You're beautiful". Her profile picture is what sparked his interest. Leysa on the other hand was drawn to his eyes.

"I read a few messages and never responded. However, his stuck out. 'You're beautiful' and I was interested because he was quite attractive himself. I had never seen anyone as gorgeous as him honestly. It was too good to be true", recalls Leysa.

They both thought the other could possibly be a catfish but there were ways around that. According to Leysa the obstacles with meeting instantly only meant exploring their many ways of communicating ulltimately strengthening their capacity to express ideas, thoughts, feelings and learning one another. The conversations were endless and after a few days, they decided to exchange numbers. Two months later she flew to where he lives and they made it official. And they have been together ever since.

Its been almost 3 years since their first hello. A year after meeting online, they happily and officially said goodbye to the site.

"Thank you for helping me find my lover and best friend"

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  1.   shaniacue says:
    Posted: 25 May

    I believe this site has some incredibly amazing guys who can potentially be a faithful and loving husband & father one day. (Although I have came across some players who just like to emotionally manipulate and exercise their narcissistic behavior)... But there are still some good and genuine men out there (online & offline). But, I don't quite understand why I am not finding an amazing guy..... Sometimes I asked myself "am I not beautiful enough?" Or could it be the distance? I listen to all those extraordinary story about how couples have met and the insurmountable challenges that they had overcome. I do hope I can have a story to share one day.

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  2.   Ebynath247 says:
    Posted: 22 Feb

    I would love to find love too, though just like so many here, I really don't have confidence in an online dating but I'm willing to give it a try cause I'm here look for love.

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  3.   princessjc says:
    Posted: 05 Aug 21

    A good story there. I personally have this mind that most online guys are jokers. I joined the site Dec-2019, n some months later I pulled out. I joined back just of recent with a new account because I had lost my password for the first account, because a friend encouraged me to keep there patiently n am giving it another try

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  4.   Fayeh says:
    Posted: 31 Jul 21

    I here am almost giving up.cant seem to find someone here

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  5.   meclean says:
    Posted: 06 Dec 19

    Wow so nice I'm really inspired with your story happy life together

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  6.   Yevgeni says:
    Posted: 05 Dec 19

    You guys look so good together! I wish many happy years for you both!✨

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  7.   Marrie55 says:
    Posted: 27 Nov 19


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  8.   Sapphirem38 says:
    Posted: 23 Nov 19

    Very sweet story and cute couple.

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