Traffic Jams and Rain Didn't Deter Them

Posted by Leticia, 05 Dec

For Verlaine and Chris, the choice to date online stemmed from difficulties in their lives. “I had a tough work schedule,” admits Chris. Verlaine had another problem. “I was frustrated with the men in my area,” she reports. While she was “not at all” confident before posting her profile on our site, Chris felt he had a decent shot at success. “I didn’t rule it out,” is how he puts it.

Two months into her membership, Verlaine was notified through our site that another newcomer was interested. Turns out Chris had seen her profile and liked her smile. “Chris sent the Flirt, and a phone number was soon to follow,” she reports. “His eyes” convinced her to respond. “I was giving it one last shot,” she adds.

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When it “just felt right,” they went from chatting to making plans to meet. She remembers being nervous beforehand, and he says his primary emotion was excitement. Here’s what they did that day… “We met at a train station and took it to a museum,” Verlaine informs us. Chris goes on to say, “It was pouring rain, but we had an amazing time!”

While “an epic traffic jam” conspired against them at some point, both singles felt during their time at the museum that this could turn into something special. Chris describes the “instant connection” the pair had and observes that Verlaine “was even prettier in person.” Verlaine found that Chris’s sense of humor, something his profile didn’t convey, was very appealing. But that wasn’t all. “I felt safe [with him],” she reveals. According to Verlaine, she doesn’t have a type, but Chris certainly seemed like the kind of guy she’d like to get to know better.

After this experience, Verlaine was 100% sure they should make Date #2 happen. “I can see our future together,” she declares. Chris was certain they’d see each other again, too. “She was exactly what I was looking for,” he says. “I’m on cloud nine!”

Chris advises that other online daters employ a patient approach. “Don’t force it,” he tells us. “If there’s no spark, have the confidence to move on.”

With this couple, there’s plenty of sparks, as well as confidence in what the future holds.

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  1.   cass02 says:
    Posted: 26 Sep


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  2.   MariaisHere says:
    Posted: 02 Nov 19

    Congratulations on meeting and pursuing your love. Sometimes its just meant to be.

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  3.   Shady3112 says:
    Posted: 28 Dec 18

    So Happy for you guys wish to get mine too here

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  4.   Henryduwis says:
    Posted: 25 Dec 18

    Nice one. Hoping to get a good lady here too.

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  5.   Lyn__ says:
    Posted: 23 Dec 18

    Congratulations to both of you guys.. Merry Christmas!!

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  6.   Tapiwawawa says:
    Posted: 17 Dec 18

    Congratulations to you guys

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  7.   Lilly7273 says:
    Posted: 12 Dec 18

    Wow! Congratulations

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  8.   marax says:
    Posted: 09 Dec 18


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